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List of Abbreviations

Anm. Annotations, Comments
Anstr. Marking
Aufl. Edition
Besitzsign. Owners Signature
Bibl.-Expl. former Library Copy
Bilb.-St. Library Stamp
EA. First Edition
Ebd. Cover
OBrosch. Original Broschure
Brosch. Broschure / Booklet
OHld. Original Halfleather
Hld. Private Halfleather
OHlwd. Original Halflinen
Hlwd. Private Halflinen
OHpgm. Original Halfparchment
Hpgm. Private Halfparchment
OLd. Original Leather
Ld. Leather
OLwd. Original Linen
Lwd. Private Linen
OPgm. Original Parchment
Pgm. Parchment
Osch. Original Dusk Jacket
eighd. Signed personally by Author / Artist
Expl. Copy
fl. V. Flying Endpapers
Gbrsp. Signs of Use
hds. Written Manually
Hg. Editor
im T. In the Text
o. O. No Place Given
o. P. Without Pagination
o. J. No Date Given
Pag. Pagination
priv. Private
R. Spine
Schn. Paper Edge
St. a. T. Stamp on Title page
St. a. V. Stamp on Endpaper
Übs. Translator
Übs. v. Translated by...
verb. Aufl. Revised
verm. Aufl. Augmented
Widm. Dedication

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